About Us

The Cassar family has been a distributor to the local market since 1885 and the third-generation family member has established Cassar Fuel Ltd.In the early 2000’s the company has progressed into new areas of business which now provides professional and reliable services to the marine and land-based industry, guaranteed by 135 years of experience in the local petroleum sector.

What we do

Cassar Fuel Ltd. is a supplier of Marine / Industrial Fuels including diesel, fuel oil, gas oil, kerosene and unleaded petrol to the land-based industry, which includes but is not limited to factories, hotels, hospitals , quarries , villas ,bakeries , garages , yachts and vessels .Currently, it is operating three petrol stations all of which are equipped with an anti-button system, where authorised users can fill up their vehicles at any time including after operational hours. Various auto products and parts are available from our shops adjacent to each station. The stations also sell Kerosene and offer car services and tyre repairs. The company also imports and sells all types of lubricant oils. These include but are not limited to engine oil, marine oils, gear oils, and greases.