Our Commitments and Values

Cassar Fuel Ltd. has been a leading petroleum supplier since 1885. Throughout the decades, the company has never stopped growing as it has adopted the necessary supply chain and logistics operations which has enabled us to deliver exceptional service and quality product to our customers. The company provides petroleum products such as E-Diesel, Kerosene, Light Heating Oil, Gas Oil, E-Power and Unleaded to a wide range of customers from vessels to households .Working with major industrial companies helps us not only to ensure that we meet their fuel requirements but also assists us in adopting the necessary measures to optimise their energy consumption, such as opting for low sulphur fuel as it produces lower emissions which adhere with the local and E.U requirements.

As a group, we ensure that we provide customer satisfaction which is ultimately backed by our long experience in the industry. The group’s objective is to maintain its market position by providing exceptional service and quality product, in which we certify that our product contains no trace of biodiesel.We further enable and guarantee effective and transparent procedure through specification certificates and samples prior to supply, where these plan of actions are also listed in our terms of sales.Also, Cassar Fuel focuses on delivering high performance without compromising the safety requirements and the environment in which we operate in .We ensure that our day to day risks that are inherent in fuel storage and transportation are mitigated by observing and obeying applicable regulations such as authorization, licenses, permits, audits.Our operation is equipped to meet the highest safety standards so that we continue delivering quality products and service whilst maintaining our commitment towards the environment in which we operate in.