Lubricant Oils

This is an engine oil used for commercial vehicles.

  • The MAXIGEAR EP-X 80W-90 is a multipurpose automotive gear oil developed for transmission differential systems of passenger cars and heavy vehicles. Features and Benefits:- -Superior load handling - Prevents part failures. - Thanks to this feature, it provides a longer range of changes and increases resistance to shock loads.-Viscosity stability - Oil film provides stability, improves oil fluidity in the cold, improves operating performance, maintains efficiency in long ranges of changes. -Fuel economy and efficiency • Reduces end-user fuel costs and is more environmentally respectful.-Thermal stability • Prevents the thickening of oil and the formation of rebel materials that can damage equipment. - This feature improves equipment life and efficiency by ensuring the protection of equipment from async corrosion and healthy heat transfer.
  • Developed for cars, panel vans, vans and light commercial vehicles, the high-tech P.Ofisi Maxima 10W/40  Engine Oil stands out as one of the synthetic-based engine oils that drivers prefer the most for its strong performance. Suitable for use in all types of engines with diesel and petrol, the product effectively protects the engine against wear even at high temperatures and minimizes sedation formation. P.Ofisi Maxima engine oil provides high engine power by minimizing friction for the engine. Even under heavy road conditions, the product keeps the viscosity of the oil under control, preventing the oil film from being torn and damaged. Making it easy to get maximum efficiency from fuel, P.Ofisi Maxima increases engine efficiency and provides a comfortable driving experience. Ultimately it provides faster initial operation and very fast protection, P.Ofisi Maxima engine oil keeps the engine clean, saving maximum fuel.
  • It is a new generation engine oil formulated with synthetic base oils and special additives, produced for vehicles with emission reduction systems containing DPF and SCR. It can be used in diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles equipped with exhaust systems containing DPF and SCR and gasoline vehicles with catalytic converters requiring ACEA C2 or C3 performance level engine oil. -Provides product optimization in large vehicle fleets of different brands. -Provides high engine performance. - Extends the life of exhaust emission systems. - It protects the environment by contributing to the production of low emissions. -It keeps the engine clean by reducing deposit and deposit formation. -Helps fuel saving. Meetings and Approvals ACEA C2 / C3-12, API SN, MB-APPROVAL 229.31

  • Maxima Diesel 15W / 40 is categorized as high performance motor oil. Suitable for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, the oil helps the engine to run clean by preventing sediment and deposits formed in the engine parts. The product, which prevents starting in cold weather and drying in hot, withstands even heavy working conditions. Extending the oil change period, Maxima Diesel is produced with the assurance of Petrol Ofisi. It helps the engine to run more efficiently. Approved by API CF-4 / CF / CD / SG, MB-227.1, VW 505.00 and Allison C3, the maintenance oil prevents the formation of vehicle-damaging residue, mud and varnish.

  • It is a Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for Passenger and Light Commercial Diesel Vehicles. It is the synthetic engine oil of diesel passenger and light commercial vehicles produced by adding high performance additives to high-tech synthetic base oils. It is particularly suitable for the latest generation of diesel engines developed by European engine manufacturers. Features and Benefits Saves maximum fuel, keeps the engine clean. It extends engine life by providing superior protection in the next generation of diesel passenger engines. It allows the engine to remain clean and extends the product life cycle. It controls the viscosity of the oil even under severe conditions, preventing oil film tearing. Helps protect the environment by reducing exhaust emissions. It has a longer oil change and service interval. Where It's Used It is a synthetic engine oil that can be used safely for four seasons in diesel engines of high-performance passenger cars, including catalytic converter, turbocharged and non-turbocharged engines. Heavy urban traffic is suitable for the most difficult working conditions, such as highways. It is recommended not to use any additives with this oil.
  • Built to ensure excellent lubrication of diesel engines with next-generation particulate filters. Thanks to its low-ash low ash solids, it provides superior protection in exhaust systems, engine and longer oil change range. It is used safely for four seasons, especially in petrol and diesel vehicles with the new generation of diesel particulate filter equipment. Features and Benefits - Thanks to its low ash, phosphorus and sulphur, it extends the life of the particulate filter and protects the environment. - Due to its low ash structure and special viscosity, it provides maximum efficiency in fuel savings. - Because the latest solid technology used, it keeps the engine clean, reduces friction and extends engine life. - Having an excellent wear protection feature, it protects the engine against wear at high temperatures.
  • Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for Ford Vehicles The Maxima FM 5W-30 is a fully fuel-economy fully synthetic engine oil developed specifically to meet the performance level of the Ford WSS M2C913-C. It can be used in the engines of gasoline and diesel vehicles, especially Ford vehicles, which are intended to use engine oil at the performance level of the next generation Ford WSS M2C913-C. Features and Benefits - Excellent lubrication at low temperatures, reducing wear and extending the life of the engine. - Protects the engine while maintaining long oil maintenance intervals. - Minimizes initial working wear in the cold and saves fuel.
  • It is a high performance, fully synthetic engine oil produced with the latest technology for new-generation engines. maxima RN 5W-30 has been formulated with Low SAPS technology for Diesel Particulate Filter DPF engines to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. It has been approved by Renault for its long oil drain interval and protection of DPF equipment.

  • It is a fully synthetic low-ash diesel engine oil, developed for use in high-performance Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines equipped with specific exhaust gas treatment systems (DPF/SCR). It is recommended for all heavy-duty vehicles, construction equipment and highway fleet equipped with high power, 4-cycle diesel engines. It is convenient for engines with and without DPF and engines with EGR and SCR. It is especially recommended for Modern Volvo Heavy Duty engines. Benefits:- -Protects the engine and particular filter by preventing friction and corrosion with its low-ash formulation. -Yields fuel efficiency. -Achieves piston cleanness by preventing piston deposit and residue. -Protects the environment by exhaust emission control.
  • It is a high-quality diesel engine oil. Thanks to its superior protection and long life, it delivers high performance on all diesel engines running under heavy conditions. Ideally Used for trucks, buses, trucks, work machines with diesel engines, especially turbocharged engines, while it is recommended for agricultural machine and generator applications. Features and Benefits:- - Performs perfectly on highway and construction site use. - Prevents pressure drop, minimizes evaporation losses. -Prevents initial operating wear at low temperatures. - Due to its high TBN value, it provides very good results for fuels with high sulfur content. - Keeps the engine clean and reduces wear. - Long life.
  • It is a diesel engine oil of product of state of art technology with a long service life, equivalent to SHPD (Super High Performance Diesel Engine Oil), meeting all properties required for a 4-cycle diesel engines with high engine speeds. It is recommended mainly for all heavy-duty vehicles, construction equipment and highway fleet equipped with 4-cycle diesel engines. It is successfully used in generator engines. Benefits Avoids wears and tears during start-ups It extends the oil replacement intervals It promotes the combustion efficiency and the engine output by keeping the engine clean It prevents the engine using fuel with high sulphur content, thanks to its high TBN properties. It can be safely used in all engines with/without turbocharger by preventing wear at high speed and temperatures. It prevents planning of the cylinder inner surfaces. It can be safely used in all engines with/without turbocharger by preventing wear at high speed and temperatures. It prevents planning of the cylinder inner surfaces. It completely neutralizes the acids formed even during combustion of high sulphur content fuels. It lowers the spare part and operation costs.
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