• Developed with the aim of complying with Oil Office Ad Blue 18 Lt BidonEuro IV and Euro V emission standards, SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction is  to be used in all diesel vehicles equipped.  Euro V vehicles using SCR technology provide fuel economy of up to 6% compared to Euro III level fuel consumption. – Eco-Friendly. Reduces nitrogen oxides released by exhaust gas by up to 80% of NOx. – Easy to use, reliable, safe and efficient. As a result of the evaporation of water in AdBlue® which is released into high temperature exhaust gas, ammonia molecules react as they pass through the SCR catalytic converter, transforming harmful nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water vapor, which are naturally found in the air. The Specifications and Approvals it meets comply with ISO 22241-1 and DIN 70070 standards.
  • It is an automatic transmission oil with a high viscosity index. It is used in passenger cars and steering gears of heavy vehicles, automatic transmissions, and transmissions, and, if recommended, mechanisms with hydraulic systems. Properties- -It does not cause work disorders because its viscosity does not fall too low at high temperatures.-It is not very thick at low temperatures and provides ease of power transmission.-Thanks to its friction-reducing feature, it provides smooth and smooth power transmission.-Compatible with all sealing elements.-Facilitates and accelerates grip and release operations and increases transmission efficiency.-It extends the oil change interval with high oxidation resistance.-Prevents bubbling.-Extends the life of system elements sensitive to corrosion and corrosion
  • It is an internationally approved automatic transmission oil. It is used in automatic transmissions and transmissions of passenger cars and heavy vehicles, steering gears and, if recommended, mechanisms with hydraulic systems. Features and Benefits : - Meets the requirements of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles at the highest level.- Extends the life of system elements sensitive to corrosion and corrosion.-Provides long transmission life and improves transmission efficiency.-Automatic transmission allows parts to wear out.- Compatible with all sealing elements.-It is not very thick at low temperatures and provides ease of power transmission.- Extends oil change interval with high oxidant resistance.      
  • Synthetic Based Automatic Transmission, Transmission and Steering Oil- The ATF DX-3 is used in steering mechanisms equipped with automatic powershift transmissions and hydraulic systems. - The ATF DX-3 has been approved by European and North American vehicle manufacturers. -It extends the life of system components vulnerable to corrosion.-ATF DX-3 maintains consistency at low temperatures and provides ease of power transmission.- ATF DX-3 extends oil change intervals thanks to its high oxidation resistance.  
  • High quality mineral based oil developed for screw and pallet type compressors. With its superior performance components and high quality base oils, it meets the specifications of leading compressor manufacturers with more than that. It has been developed for use in lubrication and cooling of compressors of all types of screws and pallets. Compatible with sealing elements used in compressors. Features and Benefits : Prevents sedation formation with zinc-free technology. Thanks to its superior oxidation stability, it increases service time to a maximum even under difficult conditions. It provides excellent temperature stability even under high operating conditions. Provides high protection against rusting and abrasion in the compressor. They are high performing thanks to their advanced water and air separation capabilities. Extends the service time of filter elements. Extends oil change times (up to 4000 hours).
  • Definition: Oil office hydraulic brake oils are synthetically based and are used in the braking equipment of motor vehicles.  
  • Petrol Ofisi  Extended Life Coolant - Lasts much longer than conventional antifreezes. - Protects the engine against cold and heat with its high thermal stability and heat transfer feature. - Prevents engine coolant from freezing in cold weather. - In hot weather, the engine prevents the coolant from boiling. - Iron and aluminium alloy motors provide corrosion protection for a long time. - Compatible with all sealing elements. - Protects against foam formation.
  • It is a high stability oil produced with high quality base oils, containing abrasion, oxidation and anti-rust solids. They ensure that the system stays clean due to its high dispersing features. It also prevents abrasion, rusting and corrosion as oxidation strength is high and the ability to leave the water is excellent. Due to its anti-foam additives, they do not foam and prevent cavitation. Thanks to the special filtration systems used, the pollution level is produced as NAS 7-8 according to NAS 1638. Recommended for all industrial and mobile hydraulic systems. Special industrial applications are work machines, presses, moving construction equipment, plastic injection and tensile machines, air compressors. Recommended for all industrial and mobile hydraulic systems.
  • It is a water-resistant grease with a very long fibrous structure, produced with qualified base oils and performance-enhancing solids. Features and Benefits:- -Prevents exertion due to its fibrous structure and ability to stick to metal surfaces. - Protects its structure for a long time without deterioration by preventing oil degradation. - Provides economy in systems where working conditions are not severe. -Protects the system against abrasion and corrosion. Where It's Used:- -Developed for medium and high-speed flat and bearings under light and medium loads.  
  • The Oil Office Maximoto 2T, one of the Maximoto series engine oils produced under the assurance of the Oil Office, is targeting the performance of your vehicle with the amount of 1 litre of oil. Air-cooled and two-stroke engine oil is mixed into gasoline and is effective in the engines of small vehicles such as motorcycles and scooters. It can also help improve the performance of other small machine engines. Specially designed for high performance, the oil has a huge impact on engines due to its mineral bases. Maximoto oil contains active cleaning agents. This prevents sediment and mud from forming inside the engine and ensures that the engine stays clean for a long time. During the duration of use, your vehicle's pistons may show signs of wear and tear, depending on the way they are used or when. Engine oil, which extends the working life of pistons and protects against friction, also protects against factors such as wear or rust. The oil, which improves the performance of your vehicle and protects the engine from external factors and maintains it, avoids any unnecessary costs that may occur later. Minimizes malfunctioning problems. Engine oil, which reduces the pre-ignition time and allows your vehicle to run in milliseconds and speeds up the warming process that can be delayed during the winter months, continues the engine cleaning process when your vehicle is on the road. Engine oil, which allows the removal of remanence particles and dirt residues that have been ingested over time in your vehicle engine, also contributes to the longer life of your vehicle engine.  
  • Transmission and Hydraulic Oil Developed for use in transmission and hydraulic systems of work machines and tractors, sae 10W-30 is a premium quality oil in viscosity class. Thanks to the high quality base oils, it works quietly and smoothly in oil bath brake systems (wet brake) and power transfer units (power take off). It prevents wear even in the harshest conditions due to its excessive pressure (EP). It is used in transmission, hydraulic system, transfer units, oil bath brake systems of work and agricultural machinery. Features and Benefits Reduces engine wear and extends engine life. It provides quiet operation in braking systems thanks to its friction-reducing superior join. It is extremely resistant to abrasion, oxidation, foaming. Thanks to its high grip, it provides smooth power transmission. Prevents the formation of sedater and deposits in the harshest working conditions. Thanks to the new addiation technology, they prevent wear and breakage in transmissions. They are perfectly compatible with sealing elements and standard sealing materials. It extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs in the systems in which they are used.
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