Lubricant Oil - Drums

Lubricant Oil Drums

  • It is a fully synthetic low-ash diesel engine oil, developed for use in high-performance Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines equipped with specific exhaust gas treatment systems (DPF/SCR). It is recommended for all heavy-duty vehicles, construction equipment and highway fleet equipped with high power, 4-cycle diesel engines. It is convenient for engines with and without DPF and engines with EGR and SCR. It is especially recommended for Modern Volvo Heavy Duty engines. Benefits:- -Protects the engine and particular filter by preventing friction and corrosion with its low-ash formulation. -Yields fuel efficiency. -Achieves piston cleanness by preventing piston deposit and residue. -Protects the environment by exhaust emission control.
  • It is a high-quality diesel engine oil. Thanks to its superior protection and long life, it delivers high performance on all diesel engines running under heavy conditions. Ideally Used for trucks, buses, trucks, work machines with diesel engines, especially turbocharged engines, while it is recommended for agricultural machine and generator applications. Features and Benefits:- - Performs perfectly on highway and construction site use. - Prevents pressure drop, minimizes evaporation losses. -Prevents initial operating wear at low temperatures. - Due to its high TBN value, it provides very good results for fuels with high sulfur content. - Keeps the engine clean and reduces wear. - Long life.
  • It can be easily separated from water if there is water in the environment and can be easily used in cold equipment or in environments where the temperature difference is high. They are used for all industrial and mobile hydraulic systems and hydraulic systems of ships. Special industrial applications are work machines, presses, moving construction equipment, plastic injection and tensile machines, air compressors. Features and Benefits: -Thanks to their high viscosity indexes, they work under very different seasonal conditions. Additionally, they are used in hydraulic systems that work at very high pressures and temperatures, such as plastic injection machines. -Oxydayson strengths are excellent and service times are very long. -Reduces oil consumption by extending oil change times. - They protect the hydraulic system perfectly against corrosion in corrosive environments such as marine applications. - Because of their excellent water separation properties, they quickly leave the water entering their body and allow the water to be removed from the system. - Low flow points and high viscosity indexes prevent wear in climatic conditions with low temperature. -They save energy by preventing the pump and system from being forced in the first operation. - They provide higher power transmission because their viscosity at high temperature is not too thin. - Efficient operation of the system ensures uninterrupted transmission of power. -They lower their operating and maintenance costs.
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